Two sisters born to the same parents but treated so differently; one ended up pregnant and married at thirteen.

The other didn't fare so well.

About Casey

CASEY MAXWELL CLAIR has worked in the entertainment industry for over thirty years. She began her career designing major motion picture campaigns and subsequently served as the Director of Advertising for Warner Bros. and ABC Motion Pictures, as well as Vice President of Advertising and Promotion for CBS Television Network. After that, she spent the next decade as a successful comedy writer and television producer, working on sit-coms such as “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and “Step by Step” as well as many others.

About An Only Child and Her Sister

Casey and her little sister, Christine, started off with what looked like a good beginning. But looks can be deceiving. Their mother, Eve Whitney, a stunning Hollywood beauty, didn’t much care for children. Unfortunately, she had two of them. Their father, Eddie Maxwell, was a successful songwriter and comedy writer; he was a brilliant, handsome, hugely charismatic man, but he had a secret drug habit that sent him careening between warm and loving parent one day, to hair-trigger monster the next.

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“An amazing life, even for Hollywood. Casey Clair writes with honesty, passion and humor. I loved it!”

—Rubin Carson, editor LA Family Magazine Group

“My favorite new book. Not since Glass Castle has a book hit me like this one... I laughed and cried and reread several chapters. I JUST LOVED IT. To grow up in spite of one’s childhood is always an epic event. I could not recommend this book more and I’m not even related to the author!”

—Andrea Abbate, Writer/Producer

“A titanic memoir of grace and courage. An absolute ‘must read’ from Casey Maxwell Clair. This book literally takes your breath away. Unbelievably inspiring. If you are raising children — read it. If you are teaching children — read it. If you are just someone in search of an uplifting miracle of a story — read it. It will warm your heart to the core.”

—JB Newton, Writer/Producer

“I could not stop reading… Ms. Clair tells this heartrending story with such perception and unforced humor, such a welcome lack of bitterness or self pity... a tribute to the writer as a person, and the person as a writer... You can win.”

—Elayne Boosler, writer/comedian, regular contributor to the Huffington Post

“Casey Clair has written a book about living through the kind of childhood that people turn into movies. She grabs you on the first page and pulls you in…”

—Merrill Markoe, writer/author

“A brave, beautifully written memoir that should be read by every teenager, not to mention every loving parent, in America... This book is a gripping read that will also prompt life-saving conversations among parents and daughters.”

—Jody Greenstone Miller, board member, National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unwanted Pregnancy