CASEY MAXWELL CLAIR has worked in the entertainment industry for over thirty years. She began her career designing major motion picture campaigns and subsequently served as the Director of Advertising for Warner Bros. and ABC Motion Pictures, as well as Vice President of Advertising and Promotion for CBS Television Network. After that, she spent the next decade as a successful comedy writer and television producer, working on sit-coms such as “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and “Step by Step” as well as many others. Ms. Clair authored the well received Still Single: Are You Making Yourself Unavailable When You Don’t Want to Be? What to Do About It(St. Martin’s Press), a book on relationships in which she explored her own penchant for choosing unavailable men. She examined ways in which to change this behavior and promptly met an available man with whom she fell in love; they have now been married for seventeen years. Clair and her husband, producer and screenwriter Christopher Beaumont, live in Los Angeles surrounded by their beloved, blended family, and are currently at work on a new screenplay.